“The epic battle of David and Goliath”

“The people in the towns nearby shouted, danced and sang for joy because of

David's victory over Goliath.”

Samuel Chapters 16-18


In the beginning there was Robert Redford the “DAVID” of independent filmmaking. His passion to make “Jeremiah Johnson”, a small but very powerful film would be his “STONE” to cast. The stone flew at the big Hollywood GOLIATHand hit with a thunderous blow.  It shookGoliathbut didn’t kill the monster.  Mr. Redford knew in order for others like him to stand a chance at defeating or at least competing with Goliath, they would need a place to hone their skills and thus the SUNDANCE INSTITUTEwas born. The institute was and still is the training facility for warriors such as, filmmakers, screenwriters, composers, writers, playwrights and theatre artists. A place for creative, independent risk-taking.


In 1961, Mr. Redford bought a Utah ranch situated in the ancient “GHOST TOWN” called PARK CITY. This would eventually became home of the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL. The new “David’s” would pilgrimage to this festival to present their “Works of Art.”


Since the first David, there have been many warriors catapulting their “stones” at the giant.  Out of the masses many have been defeated.  Only the warriors whose rocks have humbled the giant have reaped the spoils of victory.

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